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 After Sale Services Provided For ELMACO Tansformers         

  1. Training customers for operation and maintenance of transformers and O.L.T.C.
  2. following up the state of the transformer under operation in substations.
  3. Provide the needed spare parts if requested.
  4. Provide maintenance and repairing for transformer in site including :- 

                - Oil Investigation and purification.

               - Upgrading the transformers dielectric. 

               - Maintenance of protection system equipped with transformers. 

               - Provide maintenance for the O.L.T.C. including :- 

                       * Cleaninig of moving and fixed contacts. 

                       * Replacing the weared contacts. 

                       * Maintenance of Protection system equipped with the tap changer. 

                       * Maintenance of motor drive unit. 

  1. Replacement of defected bushings and gaskets.
  2. Changing of oil in site.
  3. Performing all site tests :-

               # Turns Ratio and polarity. 

               # Installation resistance ( Megger test ). 

               # Measuring of magnetizing current. 

               # Measuring of ( D . C ) resistance. 

               # Dissipation factor. 

  1. ELMACO provide a manual covers the transformer operating instructions including :-

               * The Instructions before putting into service. 

               * Monitoring of transformer during service. 

               * Trouble shooting study and evaluation. 

               * The on load tap changer monitoring in service. 

               * The power transformer application guide.       

Quick contact

Feel free to contact me or please fill up below in the following details and I will be in touch shortly.

Address: 3 El Kablat ST.Mataria - Cairo - Egypt
Telephone: 002/02/22826021
FAX: 002/02/22825100
Others: 002/02/22836335