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A- Routine Tests : 

The following routine tests are performed on each transformer according to IEC - 60076 Standard. 

  1. Measurement of voltage ratio and checking of voltage vector relation ship.
  2. Installation tests between windings and between winding and earth.
  3. Induced over voltage withstand test.
  4. Measurement of no-load losses and current.
  5. Measurement of impedance voltage and load losses.
  6. Measurement of windings resistance.

B- Type Tests: 

On request the following type tests can be performed. 

  1. Measurement of maximum temperature rise of oil and windings ( according to IEC-60076 ).
  2. Lightning impulse test ( according to IEC-60076 part5 ).

Notice :

Type test carried out on request, the cost of which to be charged to buyer.

C- Special tests

  1. Short circuit test ( all of ELMACO transformers passed this test in KIMA & EDF laboratories ).
  2. Measurement of noise level ( Measurement in according with requirements of IEC-60551 ).
  3. Partial discharge measurement.
  4. Oil leakage test ( performed for a twelve hour under adequate over pressure ).


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